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Female connector V31-GM-5M-PUR

  • Knurled nut suitable for tool assembly
  • Immunity to vibration, with mechanical latching
  • Gold-plated and machined contacts
  • Resistant to microbes and hydrolysis
  • Halogen-free
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Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of V31-GM-5M-PUR

Product Description
Female cordset, M8, 4-pin, PUR cable
General specifications
Number of pins4
Connection 1socket
Construction type 1straight
Threading 1M8
Connection 2cable end
Electrical specifications
Operating voltagemax. 30 V AC/DC
Operating currentmax. 3 A
Volume resistance< 5 mΩ
Compliance with standards and directives
Standard conformity
Degree of protectionEN 60529:2000
StandardsIEC 61076-2-104:2008
FlammabilityGrip: UL 94
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperatureBody: -40 ... 90 °C (-40 ... 194 °F)
cable, fixed: -40 ... 80 °C (-40 ... 176 °F)
cable, flexing: -20 ... 80 °C (-4 ... 176 °F)
Pollution degree3
Mechanical specifications
Contact elementsspring-loaded contact socket
Pin diameter1 mm
Degree of protectionIP67
ContactsCuSn / Au
Contact surfaceAu
BodyTPU, black
Slotted nutDiecast zinc
Core insolationPP
Cablefine-strand, flexible
Sheath diameter∅ 4.3 mm
Bending radius> 15 x cable diameter, moving
> 8 x cable diameter, fixed
Cores4 x 0.25 mm2
Conductor construction14 x 0.15 mm ∅
Length5 m
Contact carrierHB

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