Technology is defined as “the use of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.” This is demonstrated by our ongoing pursuit; developing high quality and innovative solutions for industrial applications.  Here you can learn more about the technologies that we are bringing to the factory automation industry.

Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT)Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) - Highly Accurate Positioning over Large Distances

A Distance Ahead - with PRT Sensors. Distance sensors equipped with Pulse Ranging Technology enable reliable and extremely precise measurements from just a few centimeters up to several hundred meters …

Multi-Pixel Technology (MPT)Multi-Pixel Technology (MPT) - Easy and Extremely Precise for Near-Range Applications

A Distance Ahead - with MPT Sensors. These photoelectric sensors use Multi-Pixel Technology. This technology combines the proven triangulation principle with the measuring functionality of conventional distance sensors …

Pepperl+Fuchsoffers more than 20 years of experience in industrial RFID technologies20 Years of Industrial RFID with Pepperl+Fuchs
Pepperl+Fuchs customers have been using identification technology to optimize their manufacturing processes for two decades. What started with a proprietary RFID system in the LF range for tool identification at CNC machines has evolved into one of the broadest RFID product portfolios on the market...
Ultrasonic sensors from Pepperl + FuchsExotic Ultrasonic Sensors Become a Standard Product
Industrial ultrasonic sensors for production automation have been available for about 30 years. These large, expensive devices were originally deployed only in special application areas, but today can be found in almost every area of factory automation. As ultrasonic sensors evolved, they became significantly more compact, powerful and less expensive – and this development is far from complete. They promise to open up a whole new range of applications.
IO-LinkThe Future Belongs to IO-Link
Sensors are continuously evolving with more functionality and intelligence. However, the interface connection to the higher-level control technology has remained unchanged. By collaborating with other companies, Pepperl+Fuchs has set out to create a new standard: IO-Link technology, which opens up new opportunities. In addition to process data, (digital signals or analog measured values) parameter, and diagnostic information can now also be transmitted to and from the sensor via a standardized sensor cable.

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