Industrial Monitors+HMI Solutions

Industrial Monitors+HMI Solutions

Group Overview : Industrial Monitors+HMI Solutions

VisuNet – insightful solutions

Demanding environments require innovative solutions!

Every VisuNet HMI solution is built upon our commitment to innovation and process safety. From a network remote monitor, to a fully enclosed custom operator workstation, each unit has been designed to meet the rigorous demands of real-time process control:

  • Globally certified units for Zone 1 and 2 and Division 1 and 2

  • Longevity and high performance

  • Trusted protection

At the core of VisuNet technology are four distinct communication and data transfer options. No matter what the form factor of your display is … an RM panel mount solution will operate identically to the RM EX1.

Operator Workstations and MonitorsOperator Workstations and Monitors

A wide variety of standard and customizable industrial operator workstations and monitors.

Panel Mount MonitorsPanel Mount Monitors

A broad portfolio of industrial and hazardous-location-rated monitors, remote network monitors, and panel PCs.

Operator PanelsOperator Panels

Operator panels for safe and hazardous areas, with text or graphics display, allow flexible operator control and monitoring of machines and processes.

Industrial keyboards, barcode readers, and KVM extendersPeripherals

A large selection of peripherals complements our VisuNet industrial operator workstations and operator panels. Industrial and hazardous location keyboards, barcode readers, network components, power supplies, and mobile HMI solutions are available.

Engineered SolutionsEngineered Solutions

It’s rare that two processes are identical. We have experienced in-house design engineers to help create an operator workstation to meet your exact requirements. When it’s necessary to make modifications to meet your needs, the engineering team at Pepperl+Fuchs will help you find a suitable solution.

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