Technology is defined as “the use of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.” Our legacy of consistent achievement and innovation has enabled us to become a world leader in explosion protection by means of intrinsic safety as well as other protection methods for hazardous areas. Here you can learn more about the technologies that we are bringing the process automation industry.

Fieldbus in the Safe or Any Hazardous AreaFieldbus in the Safe or Any Hazardous Area

Fieldbus systems are being used much more often in process automation. Explore how easy it is for you to apply fieldbus in the hazardous area.

EC_XD_20090324_01Industrial Ethernet for Process Automation

Industrial Ethernet, widely used for automation of production processes, now shows its first appearances in the field level of process automation. Find out about the benefits you can gain for your process plant.

Dynamic Arc Recognition and Termination (DART)Dynamic Arc Recognition and Termination (DART)

There are different ways of preventing explosions caused by electrical sparks. One method is to limit the power of the spark by intrinsic safety; the brand-new one terminates the spark before it becomes incendive: DART. Learn how this brand-new technology makes the difference.

WirelessHARTWirelessHART: Modern Communication in Process Engineering

Industrial wireless communications have not been widely used in process automation applications due to a lack of standards and the availability of integrated solutions. WirelessHART is changing industrial wireless communications for the better. Read about the advantages and possibilities of WirelessHART.

Fieldbus: Commissioning with Advanced Diagnostic ToolsFieldbus: Commissioning with Advanced Diagnostic Tools

The Advanced Diagnostic Module (ADM) monitors the FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 and PROFIBUS PA physical layer to ensure maximum availability of the infrastructure. Learn how ADM simplifies commissioning and maintenance of your fieldbus installation.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL): Functional Safety for Your ApplicationsSafety Integrity Level (SIL): Unit of Measurement for Risk Reduction

What does Safety Integrity Level, or SIL, mean? How does functional safety protect human lives and production plants? Read more about this method for quantifying risk reductions.

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