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Press reports 2014

PGV Positioning System Smart Combination - The PGV Positioning System
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(PDF, 6717 KB)

Optical color band tracking used for driving, Data Matrix codes used for positioning, control codes used for navigation. The PGV positioning system is the only product that offers this combination, making it the optimal solution for controlling automated guided vehicles …

(April 2014, PR-2014-2420FA-ENG)

The new LGM Series measuring light grids provide the measured values directly in millimeters Bright Ideas for Measuring - The LGM Light Grids
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(PDF, 4636 KB)

The days of complex single-beam evaluations for standard tasks and cumbersome configuration are over. The new LGM Series measuring light grid is the latest member in the Pepperl+Fuchs family of automation light grids …

(April 2014, PR-2014-2424FA-ENG)

New Rotary Encoder Technology Highlight New Rotary Encoder Technology Highlight
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(PDF, 8020 KB)

Pepperl+Fuchs has created a new breakthrough in rotary encoder technology with the new magnetic absolute rotary encoders in the 0.1° accuracy class …

(April 2014, PR-2014-2430FA-ENG)

 A sugar cube-sized ultrasonic sensor, ideal for tight mounting conditions Ultrasound Technology
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(PDF, 5196 KB)

The benefits of ultrasonic sensors are readily apparent. Regardless of color and surface, an object can be detected with millimeter precision. Dust and dirt do not have a detrimental effect on the measurement result …

(April 2014, PR-2014-2460FA-ENG)

OPC120P—the code reader for highly reflective surfaces New Code Readers Open up Wide Range of Applications
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(PDF, 1802 KB)

A new series of camera-based code readers now comes equipped with special polarization filter technology, which significantly expands the devices' application area …

(April 2014, PR-2014-2462FA-ENG)

F31K2 is compatible with various Pepperl+Fuchs actuators Weathering the Storm - F31K2 Inductive Dual Sensor System
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(PDF, 5323 KB)

The F31K2 inductive dual sensor is the newest product for valve position signaling on valve actuators and rounds off the "open solutions" portfolio …

(April 2014, PR-2014-2468FA-ENG)

R2100 Multi-Ray LED scanner New Approach for Two-Dimensional Sensors - R2100 Multi-Ray LED Scanner
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(PDF, 4044 KB)

The R2100 from Pepperl+Fuchs is a photoelectric distance measurement sensor combining three breakthrough technologies into one revolutionary device …

(April 2014, PR-2014-2483-FA-ENG)

The compact and robust F190 UHF read/write head from Pepperl+Fuchs RFID — F190 UHF Read/Write Head Now Also Available for America and Asia
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(PDF, 2554 KB)

Following the launch of the F190 read/write head in the European market, Pepperl+Fuchs is releasing another read/write head in the F190 Series to tap into the American and Asian markets …

(April 2014, PR-2014-2484-FA-ENG)

The new Heavy-Duty Incremental Encoder ENI11HD Tough in Rough Conditions - The New Heavy-Duty Incremental Rotary Encoder ENI11HD
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(PDF, 3673 KB)

When conditions are tough, the new ENI11HD heavy-duty incremental rotary encoder provides reliable speed feedback for large asynchronous motors and is not affected by the pulsating currents of these motors …

(April 2014, PR-2014-2485FA-ENG)

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