How does the center point of the ladder slide?Did You Work It Out? The Solution to Our Riddle from the E-News Issue of September 2014

A ladder is leaned against a wall. Slowly, its bottom end is pulled away from the wall until the ladder lies flat on the floor. On which curve does the center point of the ladder move (a, b or c)?

ENA58IL – get to know the new benchmark for industry standard rotary encoders!Precise, Robust and Highly Dynamic – Magnetic Rotary Encoders Used in Filling Plants

The ENA58IL magnetic rotary encoders achieve an accuracy of <0.1°. They are particularly suitable to deliver position data for the precise positioning of bottles in filling plants. Choose these robust, wear-free rotary encoders for your applications! …

Discover the R2000 Detection 2D laser scanner!Easy and Reliable Field Monitoring with the R2000 Detection 2D Laser Scanner

The R2000 Detection 2D laser scanner distinguishes itself by its exceptional detection performance. The switching scanner of the R2000 series impresses with its technical features and its easy handling …

The UHF read/write head F190 has an integrated antenna with switchable polarization, so you can adjust the UHF read/write head for a specific applicationUHF Read/Write Head F190 with Switchable Antenna Polarization for Reliable Process Flows

The UHF read/write head F190 with integrated antenna for switchable polarization unifies reliable identification, seamless data transfer, and continuous system operation …

Easy Online Ordering and Free Shipping in Canada

Pepperl+Fuchs now offers Canadian customers secure, online ordering, with free shipping for a limited time...

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