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New Switch Amplifiers as 6 mm Signal Conditioners


SC-System switch amplifier
The latest addition to the SC-System signal conditioner range is a single-channel switch amplifier, which is suitable for all commercially available binary sensors …

The SC-System from Pepperl+Fuchs is a product family of signal conditioners for non-hazardous areas. The compact modules require little space in the switch cabinet, offer high-quality three-way-isolation, and are easy to install. The latest addition to the family is a single-channel switch amplifier, which is suitable for all commercially available binary sensors.

The switch amplifier can process signals from NAMUR sensors with lead breakage and short-circuit detection, as well as SN and Z sensors. In addition, the measurement data from S0 sensors, e.g., for water volume metering, sensors with PNP or NPN switching outputs, and AC sources with 24 to 230 VAC are transferred reliably to the control level via the new switch amplifier. The module is equipped with a relay contact output. 

Changeable length of input signals for further processing

A particular highlight is an additional function that allows the length of input signals to be changed for further processing to prevent the effects of transient signals. It is possible to extend short input signals (off delay) or suppress short input signals (on delay). The module is supplied with 24 volts either via terminals or power bus. Additional features include the power supply to the sensor, line fault detection, and the collective error message via power bus.

SC-System – reliability in its most efficient form

The one- and two-channel signal conditioners in the SC-System from Pepperl+Fuchs are specially designed for use in non-hazardous areas. The family includes transmitter power supplies, isolating amplifiers, temperature converters, and more. The galvanic isolation between the field and control side and the conversion of measured values into standard signals are central functions.

With a width of 6 mm and a height of 97 mm, the powerful and compact SC-System modules use little space in the switch cabinet and are designed for an operating temperature of up to +70 °C. They offer high-quality three-way isolation between input, output, and supply, withstanding a working voltage of up to 300 V and a test voltage of up to 3.0 KV. 


  • New switch amplifier for the 6 mm signal conditioner range from Pepperl+Fuchs
  • Suitable for all commercially available binary sensors
  • Length of input signals for further processing can be changed in order to prevent the effects of transient signals


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