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F77 Ultrasonic Family Adds Exciting New Models

F77 Ultrasonic Sensor

Smaller than a match box, F77 Series ultrasonic sensors are designed for space-restrictive installations. But smaller doesn’t mean it's lacking in features. These miniature ultrasonic sensors have high-visibility LEDs for easy-to-read status indication, range adjustments that are simple and intuitive, and up to 50 Hz switching frequency for fast response times. And they are proven to outperform background suppression photoelectrics in dirty environments and applications with color variations or transparent targets.

They provide best-in-class immunity to acoustic interference—an important attribute for sensors mounted on machinery that uses numerous pneumatic cylinders.  And in circuit board applications, the F77 ignores target holes and ridges in the board, providing coverage that is more forgiving than most photoelectric sensors.

And now, this popular and cost-effective family has doubled its size. Filling a much-needed gap in the product offering, NPN models are now available in all sensing ranges. In addition, a full assortment of short-focus 100 mm sensing range models now complement the existing 250 mm and 400 mm designs. These ultrasonic sensors feature a miniscule 10 mm deadband— the smallest of any sensor in Pepperl+Fuchs' entire ultrasonic portfolio.