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Safety Encoders and AS-Interface Improve Machine Safety

Operators and maintenance personnel can safely enter a guarded zone to set up and maintain a machine

RVS58S Safety Encoders and VBA-2E-KE4-ENC-S AS-Interface Encoder Input Modules

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces RVS58S Safety Encoders and VBA-2E-KE4-ENC-S AS-Interface Encoder Input Modules. This safe motion solution improves machine productivity and enhances worker safety by detecting zero speed, over speed, and motion direction to ensure safe machine access during setup and maintenance. The system easily integrates into new machines or existing equipment, and is ideal in applications that demand SIL3, PL e, and Category 4 certification.

“Using certified safety products to protect machine operators and maintenance personnel not only enhances overall machine safety, it also reduces engineering complexity and makes it easier to keep machines up and running through regular and proactive maintenance,” says Helge Hornis, Ph.D., Manager of the Intelligent Systems Group. “As an example, using this solution in a rolling press application would enable the press to roll at creep speeds in a safe ‘expel-only’ direction so that maintenance personnel could clean each roll far more efficiently than is possible with conventional machine safety options that completely disable motion.”

RVS58S incremental encoders have a sin/cos interface, 1024 or 2048 signal periods, and are thermally stabilized for high resolution interpolation. They operate at 5 VDC ±5 % and deliver a maximum output frequency of 200 kHz in operating temperatures ranging from -20 °C … 80 °C (253 K … 353 K). They are rated to handle axial shaft loads of 40 N at maximum 6000 RPM or 10 N at maximum 12,000 RPM, and radial shaft loads of 60 N at maximum 6000 RPM or 20 N at maximum 12,000 RPM.

VBA-2E-KE4-ENC-S AS-Interface safety modules feature a compact 22.5 mm wide housing to minimize cabinet space requirements, and quickly snap into place on a standard 35 mm mounting rail. Each module provides two safe inputs for incremental encoders. These inputs monitor the standstill, rotational speed, and direction of rotation on up to two axes of motion, and send a safe signal via the AS-Interface network when a value falls below a set threshold.