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Industrial RFID Opens More than Just Doors

RFID for access control
RFID card and reader manage access rights.

If all you need to do is open a door, an industrial-strength RFID system is probably not the right solution.  For that job, one of the many off-the-shelf-solutions should be just fine.  But if access control includes access to machines, access to CNC controller set up screens, or in general, all types of access management involving PLCs … industrial-strength RFID solutions are just what you need. 

In addition to the ability of such hardware to easily interface using industrial communication protocols like EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS and PROFINET, EtherCAT and CC-Link, hardware designed for industrial areas is simply tougher and able to take the abuse of the plant floor.  And by the way . . . it can also open a door.