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Hazardous (Classified) Location Training

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Hazardous (Classified) Location Training

Houston, TX,

This training seminar will provide a brief overview of the generally accepted protection techniques used within industry. It will also cover some of the basic definitions of a hazardous (classified) location including Class/ Division, Zones, flash point, certifications and NEC/ IEC references.

This course will also cover how these topics relate to the process industry and specifically to hazardous location systems. The course will also provide hands-on examples to illustrate proper installation techniques.

At the conclusion of this course, attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts for hazardous location protection
  • Summarize the differences between US, Canadian and European practices
  • Comprehend the issues associated with installation, maintenance and repair

The class will cover topics including:

  • Historical overview
  • Plant maintenance
  • International code references
  • Installation examples
  • National Electrical Code references
  • Zones vs. Divisions
  • Methods of protection
  • Quality requirements
  • Certifications