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Get Two Outputs from a Single G10 AS-Interface Module

G10 AS-Interface Module
G10 AS-Interface Module

The VBA-2A-G10-E2L-1M-2V1-W AS-Interface module is a single module that provides two outputs, enabling it to provide one output to two devices. Each output is completely powered by the auxiliary black flat cable. This enables the G10 to deliver up to 2 A per output and up to 4 A per module.

“An output module can be used to turn on indicator lights, drive electric actuators, and control drives and motors, and the ultra-compact size of the G10 Series allows it to be completely sealed in a cable tray or a conveyor’s side rail,” says Tim Cicerchi, Product Manager. “When used with the standard flat cable, the G10 Series features an IP68/IP69K rating, making it perfectly suited for washdown applications. The module can also be configured for lead breakage detection. When this functionality is enabled, the PLC or control system is signaled when output wires break, enabling personnel to take quick corrective action to help maximize machine productivity.”

Many standard, modified, and custom G10 versions are available to support virtually any AS-Interface application need. Standard versions include 2 in (one M12 pigtail), 2 in (two M12 pigtails), 2 in (two M8 pigtails), 2 in/1 out (two M12 pigtails), and 2 out (two pigtails).
AS-Interface is an open, multi-vendor technology designed to reduce the complexity and associated costs of connecting conventional inputs and outputs, analog transducers, and safety devices to the dominant PLCs on the market. With an installed base of about 24 million field nodes worldwide, AS-Interface is the most trusted low-level and safety networking technology available.