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G10 AS-Interface Accessories Feature Stainless Steel Coupling Nuts

Delivering reliable operation in harsh environments

G10 Series AS-Interface Splitters

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces two new G10 Series AS-Interface Splitters with stainless steel coupling nuts. Compact VAZ-2T1-FK-G10-V1-V4A and VAZ-T1-FK-G10-1M-PUR-V1-GV4A AS-Interface accessories feature a robust one-piece housing with IP67/IP68/IP69K ratings. They mount quickly and easily in tight spaces, are immune to vibration, and feature gold-plated and machined contacts. The result is long life and reliable operation in challenging food and beverage, process, and other applications subject to caustic chemicals and high-pressure washdown cleaning.

“These new G10 AS-Interface splitters are Ecolab approved for their IP rating and resistance to certain types of solvents. The housing design features a flat-cover top and smooth-surface bottom that resists collecting food particles, which makes it easier to clean during the daily high-pressure washdowns in food and beverage applications,” says Tim Cicerchi, Product Manager. “And the stainless steel coupling nuts are a significant improvement over nickel-plated brass nuts that tend to fail when used in tough industries such as food and beverage. Their robust design also makes them perfect for outdoor applications.”

AS-Interface is an open, multi-vendor technology designed to reduce the complexity and associated costs of connecting conventional inputs and outputs, analog transducers, and safety devices to the dominant PLCs on the market. With an installed base of about 24 million field nodes worldwide, AS-Interface is the most trusted low-level and safety networking technology available.