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RFID Systems in Cold Storage Facilities

Industrial RFID in a cold storage warehouse
Industrial RFID in a cold storage warehouse

Moving perishable food like meat, fruits, and vegetables from the producer to the grocery store is a logistics challenge involving refrigerated trucks and storage facilities.  Since time is critical, industrial RFID systems are the ideal way to track these products, making sure the storage location of perishable items is always known.

Using industrial RFID systems in cold storage facilities enables automated handling which enhances throughput and increases storage density.  Both are critical factors, as speed results in fresher products for the consumer, while higher density storage leads to reduced energy costs.  Industrial RFID tags are easy to mount on pallets, crates, and containers, and are much tougher than optical barcodes. RFID tags are also tolerant of condensation and ice formation so the reliability of the handling process benefits greatly from RFID solutions.