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Thru-Beam Sensors for Door, Turnstile, Elevator, and Escalator Applications

BB10 series photoelectric sensors provide reliable sensing range up to 8 m

BB10 Series photoelectric sensors
BB10 Series photoelectric sensors

BB10 Series plug-in through-beam sensors provide quick snap-in installation and are very affordable.  They deliver reliable sensing up 8 m, even in temperature extremes from -40 degrees C up to 60 degrees C.  This makes them well suited for use in door, turnstile, elevator, and escalator applications in extremely cold regions and locations that experience widely fluctuating temperatures.  Also, a housing depth of less than 1 inch (22 mm) means these thru-beam sensors easily fit within a door frame or extruded metal railing.

“There is no easier way to mount a photoelectric sensor – users simply drill a 13 mm hole and snap the sensor into place.  That’s it,” says Jeff Allison, Product Manager, Pepperl+Fuchs.  “These photoelectric sensors can be mounted to prevent cross-talk, which supports multi-beam sensor installations, and a status LED confirms alignment and signal strength.”

BB10 thru-beam sensors feature a watertight IP67 rated housing, with a sealed rear panel that protects against temperature changes and moisture ingress for long term stability.