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Reference & Buyer's Guide - AS-Interface Products

Edition 6.0

Reference & Buyer's Guide for AS-Interface Products
Reference & Buyer's Guide for AS-Interface Products

Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-Interface) is a simple-to-install two-wire network for discrete I/O, intelligent sensors, analog and safety data, encoders, light curtains, and e-stops. Specifically designed for simplicity, flexibility, and reliability, AS-Interface has extremely fast mounting, startup, and update times, and replaces traditional wiring architectures. It has a totally open topology—there are no limitations on how to route or split network runs. A single unshielded cable with no termination and a very high degree of noise immunity carries both data and power. In addition, AS-Interface is truly an open system, supported by all major PLC manufacturers and compatible with any of the major industrial upper-level networks.

This 232 page Reference & Buyer’s Guide focuses on the many reasons for the success of AS-Interface, including its flexibility and simplicity, exceptional noise immunity, availability of a full electromechanical installation system, and its low price point.

Complete product information and technical data is included for gateways and scanners, power supplies and repeaters, I/O modules, Safety at Work, intelligent sensors, cordsets, and accessories.