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Industrial RFID Optimizes Inventory Processes

Garment handling is optimized with RFID solution

Clothes hanger transport system and sorter with industrial RFID
Clothes hanger transport system and sorter with industrial RFID

Utilizing an industrial RFID system on automated assembly and test systems is a fairly obvious application for this noncontact identification technology.  But just as powerful, even though less frequently utilized, are logistics installations based on industrial RFID.  The garment industry is an ideal situation since large storage and shipping facilities are faced with multiple problems that are best solved using the power of industrial RFID. 

Imagine a large web-based clothing business where thousands of individual shipments must leave every day and a significant number of returns have to be processed daily. Garments are placed on coat hangers and managed by a completely automated hanger-based conveyor system.  Only a reliable industrial RFID system can guarantee fast order fulfillment and quick reintroduction of returned merchandise; both important factors considering shrinking margins.