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Ultrasonic Sensors Deliver Long-Range Sensing in Harsh Application Conditions

F260 series has a reliable 10-meter sensing range, even in dirty environments

F260 series ultrasonic sensor
F260 series ultrasonic sensor

F260 Series rugged ultrasonic sensors deliver 12-bit resolution over a 10-meter (33 ft) sensing window, providing both analog and dual switch point outputs.  An ultra-powerful transducer permits installation in the dirtiest environments.  These ultrasonic sensors are ideal for level control, overhead crane positioning, and many outdoor position feedback applications. 

The F260 series ultrasonic sensors are also easy to configure – analog adjustments are quickly made in an intuitive software programming environment, while dual potentiometers control switch point adjustment.  Beyond range limit control, the software effectively “smooths” outputs responding to unstable targets (i.e. turbulent tanks) by modifying sampling and filtering functions.  F260 ultrasonic sensors also provide users with a 10-degree pivoting face, permitting optimum sensor-to-target alignment.