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Industrial RFID Enhances Food Safety with Speedy Processing

Integrated RFID transponder in the meat hook
Integrated RFID transponder in the meat hook

Food safety is a big deal.  Modern slaughterhouses are finely tuned operations where processes must be as efficient as possible.  Time is a crucial parameter regarding food safety and also influences the profit a facility can make. 

Modern facilities use industrial RFID to track slaughtered animals and processing tubs from start to finish, allowing lab work to take place simultaneously with meat processing.  Industrial RFID speeds up the entire process, allows the facility to be more profitable, and gives the consumer a fresher product.  In rare cases when a recall is necessary, being able to trace back individual consumer packages to the animal and farm allows faster removal of potentially contaminated meat.  Farmers also gain from an RFID-enabled process as data collected via industrial RFID is fed back into the accounting system enabling faster compensation.