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AS-Interface Power Supplies with Smaller, Sleeker Designs

Power supplies can be used on any network

AS-Interface power supply
AS-Interface power supply

AS-Interface is a common industrial bus that requires an AS-Interface power supply.  Pepperl+Fuchs has reconfigured its range of AS-Interface power supplies in order to offer more features and options at a lower cost.  Our AC input power supplies include an 8 A, 4 A with ground fault detection, and a 2.8 A variety.

Our DC input power supply now has more power; the output current has been increased from 3 A to 4 A.  Ground fault detection, which normally is a feature of all of our gateways, has been integrated in our standard 4 A power supply. 

Repeaters and AS-Interface scanner cards that lack integrated ground fault detection can especially benefit from this feature. These power supplies can also be used on any network.