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Chemical Company Installs Industrial HMI Workstations

Hydrite Chemical upgrades to industrial flat panel monitors

New HMI with old explosion-proof interface
New HMI with old explosion-proof interface

When Paul Anderson, the Electrical Controls & Instrumentation technician at Hydrite Chemical Company, needed to replace his obsolete control system and field-mounted HMIs, he had a list of plant requirements and regulations that he was determined to meet. He needed an open system for flexibility and easy updates in the future. The operator interface had to be state-of-the-art and extremely rugged, able to withstand the rigors of a hazardous and corrosive chemical plant environment and have a long mean time between failure (MTBF). And he wanted a supplier that shared the same operating philosophy of partnering with their customers, helping them make the best products at the lowest possible cost.

Many industrial plants are still using CRTs and they are nearing their end of life. An industrial flat panel monitor is the product of choice. However, due diligence requires customers to investigate who will provide the best industrially hardened or, if required, hazardous location LCD flat panel technology.

Hydrite Chemical Company is a chemical manufacturer and distributor that manufactures ingredients for the food and beverage industry, fluoride for water treatment facilities, and a host of chemicals for cleaning and sanitation across a wide range of industries. Hydrite also partners with other companies to facilitate the preparation of high-quality products and their effective distribution worldwide.

Choosing the right system

Class I Div. 1 wall mounted HMI with purge
Class I Div. 1 wall mounted HMI with purge

Paul Anderson, the Electrical Controls & Instrumentation technician at Hydrite, was tasked with upgrading the aging DCS system. First, he selected a state-of-the-art control system with intrinsically safe remote I/O. The benefits of remote I/O were twofold for Hydrite. Conduit and wiring were significantly reduced together with the reduced man hours required for installation. Also, the segmented system provided reliable system availability together with the ability to make repairs without shutting down the process and losing production dollars.

For the operator interface, he selected industrial workstations with touchscreens from Pepperl+Fuchs. The workstations were designed and built to Hydrite's specifications in our UL508A, UL698A, and CSA approved panel shop.

Collaboration is key

Standard Electric Supply Co, Inc.
Standard Electric Supply Co, Inc.

Pepperl+Fuchs partnered with our distributor, Standard Electric Supply Co., to specify and design an effective HMI solution for Hydrite. Bob Breitenbach, Application Specialist from Standard Electric Supply Co., worked closely with Paul to understand the application and provide the best solution possible.