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RLG28 Retroreflective Area Sensors

RLG28 Retroreflective Area Sensor
RLG28 Retroreflective Area Sensor

RLG28 series retroreflective area sensors are used to detect objects, especially their leading edges, regardless of position, shape, or texture. They offer a simple, fast, affordable, and consistent way to sense compared to a thru-beam light grid or multiple single-beam sensors. Retroreflective area sensors contain multiple transmitter and receiver elements in one housing aimed at a reflector, resulting in a continuous height or width detection field over the entire distance from the sensor to the reflector.

Typical applications

  • Leading edge detection of all types of pallets
  • Identification of pallet protrusions (overhang control)
  • Detection of objects with irregular or undefined edges (stacks of newspaper)
  • Presence confirmation of objects with variable positions (such as board bouncing on moving conveyor or bent rods)
  • Sensing objects with changing shapes or heights (pouches or bags)
  • Verification of object presence regardless of texture (reflective chrome, glossy foil wrap, soiled or damaged trays)
  • Detection of falling objects (ejection control)
  • Muting function for use with safety light curtains

RLG28 features include:

  • More detection coverage than single-beam sensors
  • More cost-effective than an array of single-beam sensors or thru-beam light grids
  • Reliable detection regardless of shape, position, or texture
  • Constant resolution over entire detection area
  • Low temperature operation down to -30 degrees C (-22 degrees F)
  • Pepperl+Fuchs’ exclusive 4-in-1™ output technology to reduce inventory costs
  • Built-in cross-talk protection
  • Mounts and wires same as single-beam sensors
  • Highly visible transmitter LEDs for alignment ease
  • Bright, enhanced function LEDs indicate sensor status