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High-Speed Barcode Imagers

High Speed Barcode Reader
High Speed Barcode Reader

High-speed barcode imagers have been used in the printing and packaging industry for years. New printing machines get faster every year. But Pepperl+Fuchs has no trouble developing newer and faster barcode imagers to keep up.

The new MAC401 barcode imagers are the fastest in the industry and can read Data Matrix codes at 20 m/s and standard 1D barcodes at 10m/s. This far exceeds the current speed requirements of any printing machine on the market today. These barcode imagers can easily be incorporated into new machine designs without fear.

Features include:

  • RS232 and Ethernet integrated
  • MMC memory card for easy firmware upgrades
  • VGA video output for easy setup and diagnostics
  • Easy Web page configuration
  • Image gallery for failed code analysis
  • Multi-code reader has additional features including:
              o Prefix and suffix settable
              o Match code and partial match code configurable
              o Configuration files can be saved and downloaded

Two main barcode imagers are available:

ODT-MAC401-ND-RD – High-speed barcode reader for Data Matrix only reads codes up to 20m/s, 60 mm reading distance, and 30 mm x 20 mm read window

ODT-MAC-401-LD-RD-MC - High-speed barcode reader for all barcodes reads codes up to 10m/s, 60 mm reading distance, and 50 mm x 30 mm read window.