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Four new video tutorials have been posted to our YouTube Channel:

1. Installing G12 AS-Interface I/O Modules
Product Manager Tim Cicerchi walks you through how to install AS-Interface G12 I/O modules. These modules have a flat cable connection for AS-i and auxiliary power, and an M12 connection for I/O. The AS-Interface modules mount via din rail or mounting screws. No tools are needed to lay in the flat yellow cable or black cable. When you lock the module in place, it pierces the cables, giving you power to run the modules.

2. Applications for Luminescence Sensors
Product Manager Jeff Allison discusses and shows live applications for our DK50-UV luminescence sensors. Typical uses for luminescence sensors include packaging, printing, paper, automotive, material handling, grading or sorting lumber, and carpet/ textile industries.

3. How Do Luminescence Sensors Work?
Product Manager Jeff Allison describes the operating principles of luminescence sensors. Using the DK50-UV luminescence sensor as an example, he explains the technology, clarifies what luminophores are, covers the different types of light waves emitted (ultraviolet light and others), and discusses what you need to know to effectively use these types of sensors.

4. Addressing AS-Interface Modules
Tim Cicerchi, Product Manager for AS-Interface and Identification Systems, discusses how to read and address AS-Interface modules with a handheld programmer. Most AS-Interface I/O modules have a programming jack located on the front of the module. A programming cable connects the module directly to the handheld unit. Other modules can be connected directly to the handheld programmer, no cable required.