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Control interface unit IC-KP2-2HB18-2V1

  • LED status indicator of bus communication and read/write heads
  • Max. 2 read/write heads can be connected
  • Alternatively 1 read/write head and 1 trigger sensor can be connected
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Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of IC-KP2-2HB18-2V1

Product Description
IDENTControl Compact control interface
With CC-Link V2 interface
General specifications
Number of read/write headsmax. 2
alternatively 1 read/write head and 1 trigger sensor
UL File NumberE87056
Indicators/operating means
LEDs 1, 2Status indicator for read/write heads
green: command at read/write head active
yellow: approx. 1 second long, if command was successfully executed
LEDs CH1, CH2green: read head detected
red: Configuration error
LED PWR/ERRgreen: power on
red: Hardware fault
LED L RUNgreen: on, data communication active
LED L ERRred: on, invalid rotary switch setting or data transfer failure
red: flashing, rotary switch setting changed since last switched on
Rotary switchAddress setting 01 ... 64 (decimal)
Station no.: 0 ... 6 (x10)
Station no.: 0 ... 9 (x1)
Baud rate setting: 0 ... 4
Extended cyclic setting: 0, 1, 2, 4, 8
Electrical specifications
Rated operating voltage20 ... 30 V DC , PELV
Ripple≤ 10 % at 30 V DC
Current consumption≤ 4 A incl. read/write heads
Power consumption3.5 W Without read/write heads
Galvanic isolationbasic insulation acc. to DIN EN 50178, rated insulation voltage of 50 Veff
Interface 1
Interface typeCC-Link
Physical RS-485
Interface 2
Interface typeDiagnostic Interface
Physical RS 232
Transfer rate38.4 kBit/s
Compliance with standards and directives
Directive conformity
EMC Directive 2004/108/ECEN 61000-6-2:2006, EN 61000-6-4:2007
Standard conformity
Degree of protectionIEC 60529:2001
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature-25 ... 70 °C (-13 ... 158 °F)
Storage temperature-40 ... 85 °C (-40 ... 185 °F)
Climatic conditionsair humidity max. 96 %
Salt spray resistant to EN 60068-2-52
Shock and impact resistanceOscillation (Sine): 5 g, 10 - 1000 Hz to EN 60068-2-6
Shock (Half-sine): 30 g, 11 ms in accordance with EN 60068-2-27
Mechanical specifications
Degree of protectionIP67
ConnectionRead/write heads: shielded, 4-pin, M12 connector
Power supply: M12 connector
Protective earth: M4 earthing screw
Diagnostic RS 232: M8 connector
CC-Link: M12 connector, A-coded
HousingPowder coated zinc
Installationscrew fixing
Massapprox. 500 g

Documents: IC-KP2-2HB18-2V1

ManualsLanguageFile TypeFile Size
Manual IC-KP2-2HB18-2V1ENGPDF2388 KB
Manual Read / Write Ranges and Passing Speeds RFIDENGPDF3640 KB
Handbuch IC-KP2-2HB18-2V1GERPDF2526 KB
Handbuch Schreib- und Leseabstände und Vorbeifahrgeschwindigkeiten RFIDGERPDF3642 KB
Instructions, short instructions, safety information
Quick Start Guide IC-KP2-*ENGPDF2285 KB
Kurzanleitung IC-KP2-*GERPDF2341 KB


CADFile TypeFile Size
3-D model in IGS format / 3-D-Modell im IGS-FormatIGS2842 KB
3-D model in STP format / 3-D-Modell im STP-FormatSTP1867 KB

Approvals+Certificates: IC-KP2-2HB18-2V1

Statements of complianceCertificate No.File TypeFile Size
EU-Declaration of conformity / EU-KonformitätserklärungDOC-0687BPDF269 KB
Korea Radio ApprovalMSIP-REI-PF1-ICKP22HB182V1PDF360 KB
Worldwide General PurposeCC-Link 760PDF307 KB

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