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Industrial RFID Improves Logistics and Order Picking

F97 RFID reader
The F97 RFID reader with extended read zone offers a high degree of flexibility in warehousing applications

Modern logistics systems are extremely powerful.  High-speed conveyor systems move totes from location to location, collect items belonging to a customer order, keep track of what is being added, and at the end, automatically generate all the necessary customer paperwork, including shipping labels. 

While many such systems utilize barcode paper labels to track the totes through the system, some logistics companies have discovered the advantage of industrial RFID solutions.  RFID tags can be added to or even be embedded in the totes. Not being exposed gives RFID tags a level of reliability simply not possible with a barcode solution.  And since RFID tags come with user writable memory, in addition to a unique read only code, the totes can carry redundant process information up to the details for the entire order. 

Armed with this information, the totes almost autonomously move through the system.  Another piece of good news for users of industrial RFID solutions is that the ongoing improvements make using RFID not just simpler but also reduce the cost of the hardware.  Any supplier of logistics solutions should reconsider the more flexible approach an industrial RFID system can offer.

Industrial RFID system