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Industrial RFID as a 'Key' to Control Machine Access

Usage authorization for a machine is managed with RFID
Usage authorization for a machine is managed with RFID

Have you ever lost a key?  Has your cell phone ever demagnetized your hotel room swipe card?  Clearly, in industrial environments where machine access needs to be controlled reliably, real keys and magnetic swipe cards are less than ideal.  A much more suitable solution is based on an industrial RFID read head combined with a RFID tag

A low-cost industrial RFID reader has no moving parts, withstands cleaning, and is able to read RFID tags even in less than ideal (i.e., no EMC noise) environments.  And since modern RFID tags come in many shapes and are surprisingly inexpensive, the cost for the entire application is unexpectedly low.  And because RFID tags can also store user data, much more can be done.