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Compact LB Remote I/O

LB Remote I/O Zone 2

Pepperl+Fuchs offers the smallest, most compact Remote I/O system on the market with our new LB7104, which is fully compatible with existing installations. The universal module saves up to 32% more space in the cabinet compared to the former system. This reduces both the cost of the cabinet and the costs per channel.

Diagnostic LEDs per channel allow fast and easy maintenance. The universal 4-channel I/O module has a width of just 16 mm. It is half the width of comparable modules. The module can be adjusted to a digital or analog input/output. It is equipped with diagnostic LEDs per channel and status LEDs to indicate the actual settings. If you remove a LB7104 from the backplane, there is no need to remember its settings. When you plug a new non-configured module into the backplane, the previous settings will be downloaded from the buscoupler into the new LB7104. This greatly simplifies maintenance.