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Fieldbus at New Power Levels

Excitement around electrical explosion protection

FieldConnex DART Fieldbus

Intrinsic safety has been at the forefront of spark-prevention technology for decades. Proven in practice and simple to use, intrinsic safety is the most popular method of explosion protection. It is extremely safe and easy to apply. However, the low available direct power has limited its use in communication, instrument, and control technology. With DART Technology this is about to change.

Dynamic Arc Recognition and Termination reliably detects sparks developing anywhere within an electric circuit and cuts off the energy supply within only a few microseconds to prevent the spark from reaching an ignitable temperature. DART provides more power while maintaining the energy limits of intrinsic safety, opening new possibilities for plant operators. For its first application, which is fieldbus in hazardous areas DART Technology ends previous limitations for the number of devices and their power requirements.

DART Fieldbus, the latest addition to FieldConnex®, available and ready for installation

The DART components of the FieldConnex® range are now in stock. Fieldbus installation is safe, available, and powerful as never before – with full intrinsic safety. DART Fieldbus provides what many users have been asking for: The intrinsically safe High-Power Trunk  concept. DART Fieldbus overcomes the power limitations of FISCO or Entity fieldbus systems and enables at the same time:

  • Live work on trunk and devices without hot work permit
  • Redundancy of power supplies with load sharing
  • Longer cable runs and more devices
  • Reduced requirements for cabinet space

DART Fieldbus comes with ATEX and IEC Ex certification and is therefore ready for practical application.

DART Power Hub

DART Power Hub
DART Power Hub

The DART Power Hub is based on the popular FieldConnex® High-density Power Hub. It provides power to the segment and connections to the DCS system. It detects and switches off the spark.

  • Redundant power modules
  • Output power 22.5 V/360 mA
  • Optional Advanced Diagnostic Module for physical layer monitoring
  • Up to 1000 m trunk length

DART Segment Protector

DART Segment Protector
DART Segment Protector

The DART Segment Protector provides intrinsically safe outputs Ex ib. Any intrinsically safe instrument can be connected.

  • Protection from short-circuits at the spur
  • Up to 4 Segment Protectors permitted per segment
  • 12 outputs per Segment Protector
  • Output 10.5...22.5 V/34 mA

DART Fieldbus - Power and Intrinsic Safety in Zone 1

Long cable runs and high device count – all intrinsically safe. DART Fieldbus makes it.