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Simulation Is the Key!

With the WirelessHART simulation tools WiNCMod/WiNCSim

Wireless Network Checker - WirelessHART Simulation Tool

The solution for widely spread, large networks is really quite simple. Staying with the motto "simulate more, test less", Pepperl+Fuchs offers the following tools: the Wireless Network Checker Simulation (WiNCSim) and Modeling (WiNCMod). Both tools offer efficient planning and simulation as well as an optimized deployment of repeaters. WirelessHART remains easy and secure, even on large projects.

A demo version will be released soon - register today, and get a free download link as soon as the demo is available!

1. Modeling with WiNCMod

WiNCSim - inclusive placed devices
WiNCSim - inclusive placed devices

For simulation, it is generally required to model the environment and/or the plant. Using WiNCMod, the user can import his/her own plant from existing CAD data (2D and 3D). No CAD data? You can easily create the plant with WiNCMod. Typical plant parts are already pre-configured and can be selected and configured by mouse click.

After creating the 3D model, materials such as steel, concrete or stone are assigned to the appropriate parts of the model. This assigning is necessary as different materials affect the range of the sensors. In the completed 3D model, the sensors can be positioned - taking into account the construction height.

2. Simulating with WiNCSim

WiNCSim - simulating paths
WiNCSim - simulating paths

In WiNCSim, you can directly choose Pepperl+Fuchs devices as well generic devices from a library. There, required parameters are pre-set for a realistic simulation. If the whole plant and all sensors and gateways are displayed in the 3D model, the simulation with WiNCSim can be initiated. The simulation is not only based on experience, but also on a ray tracing algorithm that allows the user to obtain the most reliable results for the frequency band in which WirelessHART operates.

The radio signal reception strength of each sensor at each point in the network surroundings are calculated to determine the quality of the connection. Results are displayed graphically. All possible communication paths are displayed as well as the reception field strengths of the single sensors and the total field strength of all devices in the radio network. Thus, it is easy to identify the ranges of each sensor, where repeaters need to be positioned to improve network coverage, and if there are any gaps in supply.

Benefits during commissioning

With the proven simulation, WirelessHART devices can be mounted in the plant corresponding to the achieved results. Due to the 3D plant simulation, time for commissioning and planning can be reduced. The actual environmental conditions are realistically observed in the Wireless Network Checker by Pepperl+Fuchs. With the simulation software WiNCSim and WiNCMod, you can test the desired application concerning functionality in advance without installing any additional software. You reduce commissioning time and also optimize the use of the device. "Simulate more, test less".