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New Static Image Burn-in Protection System for VisuNet Panel PCs and Remote Monitors

Previs! A tool to combat screen image burn-in and image sticking

Previs protects screens from image sticking while the process picture is still visible

No shadows to the past: Previs prevents permanent image retention or image sticking on LC displays while presenting the process picture at the same time—The software application is standard on all new Windows 7 based VisuNet PCs and Remote Monitors. And this, without any extra costs for you.

Unlike tube monitors, burning-in does not really happen for liquid crystal displays. This term is used to describe a similar effect for LCD monitors which underlies different physical processes. When static pictures impact on LCD displays for some time, the mobility of the liquid crystals can be limited for a longer time or even irreversibly. Its result is comparable to the known screen burn effect that can occur in CRT displays.

Previs will be active after a selected time of activity to prevent static image burn-in. It can be choosen if Previs will be deactivated by keyboard inputs, mouse move, or, if touch functionality is possible, by touch. Even if Previs is active, the process picture stays visible—you still have direct access to all important process information.

Additionally, you can customize the screen's brightness reduction. Higher values afford better protection against screen burn-in effects for the monitor while impairing the screen's legibility and vice versa. An icon provides a preview of the selected intensity. Previs has been tested for several months and is a patent pending technology.

Different brightness settings of Previs: left = 0 %, middle = 30 %, right = 50 %