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RFID Technology in Automotive Assembly Plants

Automotive industry benefits from industrial RFID

Industrial RFID is used on automotive assembly lines
Industrial RFID is used on automotive assembly lines

Did you know industrial RFID is used on automotive assembly lines? If you ever get the chance to take a tour of an automotive assembly plant, do it.  It is amazing how painted automobile bodies enter the assembly line at one end and a few short hours later leave the facility fully assembled, tested, and ready to go to the dealer.

Then consider how many options can be ordered, how many engines may be available, how many interior colors and materials are offered.  With this in mind, it is quite understandable that automotive assembly plants have always employed industrial RFID to keep things organized. 

With hundreds of small and large subassemblies necessary, industrial RFID technology is typically viewed as the only way to effectively ensure that the right tires are installed and the correct transmission is delivered to the line.  And since a single wrong or missing part can bring a line to standstill, it is very important that parts are not only in the right order, but on time, too. 

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