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CVM42H CANopen Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder

A heavy-duty rotary encoder with stainless steel housing

CVM42H multi-turn absolute encoder
CVM42H multi-turn absolute encoder

CVM42H harsh-duty multi-turn absolute encoder succeeds where others have failed! A very small stainless steel housing makes this heavy-duty absolute encoder perfect for mobile equipment, cranes, steel industry, wind turbines, and packaging applications. 

The CVM42H absolute encoder uses magnetic sampling to provide corresponding position value through CANopen protocol.  This robust design can be used in harsh environments with high mechanical stresses.

CVM42H multi-turn absolute encoder features:

  • Axial and radial shaft load 270 N (maximum)
  • 30 g vibration resistance
  • 300 g shock resistance
  • 24 bit resolution (CANopen)
  • Stainless steel housing, flange, and shaft
  • IP66, IP68, IP69K environmental rating
  • Temperature rating of -40 °C/ °F to +85 °C/ 185 °F