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Web Break Detection Sensor

Includes patented paper dust detection system

MLV41-8-HV web break detection sensor
MLV41-8-HV web break detection sensor

The MLV41-8-HV web break detection sensor is a photoelectric sensor designed to monitor a web or sheet of media, such as paper, reflective or glossy printed material, adhesive films, and packaging material. It is critical to quickly respond to a tear or web break in order to immediately identify and stop the web movement to minimize the amount of scrapped media and ink. Reliable web break detection also reduces downtime, as the torn web can be spliced together and doesn't have to be fed through the entire printing or converting machine again, which saves time and labor costs.

Packaged in a rugged metal, tamper-proof housing, MLV41-8-HV operates with both foreground suppression and background suppression. This unique operating mode means it does not incorrectly sense a torn piece of paper that falls on its face (in the sensing foreground), nor does it detect a machine panel behind the web (in the sensing background).

Using an innovative lens contamination system, the MLV41-8-HV has a secondary sensor independent from the web detection sensor. This second sensor, depicted in the red circle in the image, is a patented technology exclusive to Pepperl+Fuchs. Dust, fibers, or paint particles from printing, which normally impede the performance of a web break sensor especially when it faces upward, are detected and a secondary sensor output signals that the lens should be cleaned. Without this unique function, dust could accumulate on the sensor's face in amounts large enough to prevent the sensor from detecting the web.

MLV41-8-HV web break detection sensor features:

Innovative dust detection sensor monitors optical face
Innovative dust detection sensor monitors optical face
  • Extremely insensitive to object colors such as printing or media color to less than 1% difference in detection distance between a white and black object
  • Forgiving mounting tolerances to accommodate imperfect sensor and paper alignment
  • Reliably detects web creasing across width or length due to moisture or improper tensioning
  • High resistance to ambient lighting even if the sensor is facing upward
  • High-visibility diagnostic LEDs
  • Exclusive 4-in-1® output reduces inventory and set-up costs because one sensor model automatically detects the connected load and selects the appropriate output type
  • Automatically self-tests both sensor outputs after power-on
  • Robust, all-metal housing with protective DELTA-SEAL® coating that is resistant to cleaning agents common in printing and paper industries
  • Tamper-proof with no adjustments like pushbuttons or potentiometers on the sensor
  • Innovative dust detection sensor monitors optical face for paper dust, fibers, paint particles, or other contaminants
  • Sensor input turns emitter on and off for function test