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LB Remote I/O for Zone 2, Class I, Division 2 - Smaller Modules and Universal I/O Module

Room for more—New high-density LB modules

Room for more with the new high-density Remote I/O modules for Zone 2, Class I, Div. 2

The newly designed multichannel LB Remote I/O modules dramatically reduce the required space for analog I/O in the cabinet. Four-channel 20 mA analog inputs and outputs are 50% smaller than the previous modules, allowing for more I/O per backplane. The higher packing density is a result of our new energy-saving design that lowers the heat dissipation and increases module reliability.

The multichannel remote I/O modules can be combined with single-channel modules for high-integrity applications and single-channel loop integrity where needed. Communication gateways can be upgraded to communicate with the new remote I/O modules, and the existing LB backplanes support the new modules. Each module has one diagnostic LED per channel, so on-site diagnostics can be easily identified.

The universal I/O module is a field-configurable, all-in-one multipurpose module. It accepts analog and digital inputs and outputs. The module supplies 2-wire transmitters, drives low-power solenoids, and interfaces with proportional valves and positioners. It can be easily configured on site. The actual settings are shown via LEDs. When swapping a universal I/O module, the channel settings are automatically downloaded to the replacement module, eliminating configuration time.  Each module is equipped with diagnostic LEDs and is fully compatible to existing backplanes and systems. Using these universal I/O modules drastically reduces planning efforts and required spares.

To summarize, Pepperl+Fuchs' high-density LB Remote I/O

  • Ensures a long product life
  • Ensures an excellent reliability with
    • High packing density
    • Easy maintenance
    • Full compatibility to existing installations

Learn more about the smaller LB Remote I/O modules and how the channel density and field configuration will save you time and money on your next  Zone 2, Class I, Division 2 applications.