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DART Fieldbus - Power and Intrinsic Safety in Zone 1

Switch to the future of fieldbus

The intrinsically safe High-Power Trunk

Long cable runs and high device count – all intrinsically safe. That has been impossible to achieve until now. DART Fieldbus provides power and connects your intrinsically safe field devices to the intrinsically safe High-Power Trunk.

This means:

  • Installation rules for intrinsic safety are simple and valid for the entire segment
  • Live work on trunk and device is allowed without hot work permit
  • Long cable runs with more devices are possible
  • Less training required for personnel
  • This is the safest fieldbus infrastructure available for Zone 1 today

DART Fieldbus is the safest way to achieve explosion protection for your fieldbus segment. Intrinsic safety validation is easy as it does not require calculations. And, DART Fieldbus is available with full redundancy of power supplies.

DART Fieldbus protects your investment in instrumentation: FieldConnex DART Fieldbus is designed for use with existing intrinsically safe fieldbus instrumentation compatible with FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA. It is designed to protect investment in existing instrumentation in retrofit applications and allows the best selection from all suppliers of instrumentation for hazardous area Zone 1.


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