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A World First: ML8-8-H Diffuse Mode Sensor with Multiple Light Spots

Photoelectric sensor optimally detects PCBs

ML8-8-H photoelectric sensor optimally detects PCBs

The ML8-8-H diffuse mode sensor from Pepperl+Fuchs detects PCBs in front of a close background, even if the background is shiny or reflective.

The ML8-8-H photoelectric sensor

  • Is the first true background suppression sensor specifically designed for the detection of printed circuit boards
  • Now works with multiple small light spots

With this new sensing principle, all the requirements of conventional sensors, and greater freedom in machine design are achieved.

Features of PCB sensors

  • Two versions with a fixed detection range of 30 mm and 50 mm
  • Versions with adjustable background suppression from 20 ... 100 mm
  • Smallest black-white difference
  • Simple and easy to integrate
  • Eliminates operating errors in installation and maintenance
  • Particularly safe - no calibration or modifications needed

These sensors are ideal for all situations where PCBs are produced and processed. Transport and handling systems, automatic mounting machines, and at buffer stations, etc.

Multiple light spots reliably detect PCBs
Multiple light spots reliably detect PCBs

Perfectly detected: The ML8-8-H photoelectric sensor with multiple light spots detects objects and suppresses close backgrounds reliably.

The yellow display LED indicates reliable object detection despite indentations in the PCBs.

The basic unit, the ML8-8-HGU, also controls background suppression and precisely detects the edges of circuit boards with its narrow, elongated light spot, facilitating exact positioning.